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When to Replace Windows: Our Guide

Replacing windows is a cornerstone of what home ownership involves. Far too often, older window are ignored due to the fact they’re still “functional”. Wile yes, they may be able to open and close, the efficiency standpoint of an old window may end up costing you more money over time due to the loss of heat and air-conditioning. The best way to determine when to replace windows is by following the steps in our brief, yet informative guide designed to help you make the decision to replace your windows at just the right time. Enjoy!

How Old is Too Old for Windows?

“old” is a subjective term in most cases, yet when it comes to your windows, you’ll more often than not be able to see the wear and tear over the years from daily use, the weather elements, and fluctuations in temperatures throughout the seasons. One of the biggest signs of a window which is way too old is the rippling of the glass. Glass over time will begin to have a side-effect from gravity. Glass which is over 100 years old will certainly be showing signs of deterioration and the same glass may possess harmful lead components within the glass itself: a true toxin you don’t want anywhere near yourself or your family. Below are a couple of other examples of windows needing replacement sooner rather than later.

Replacing an Old Window for Energy Efficiency Purposes

Energy efficiency should always be take into account for the simple purposes of saving money and saving the planet. Why waste precious resources on letting heat and air-conditioning escape at a rapid rate due to poorly insulated, older windows. Our windows here at Americraft are designed to insulate your from the heat and keep the cold air-conditioning in during the hotter months. They’re also designed to keep the heat in during the colder months so you’re able to stay nice and warm. You’ll most likely see your heating and cooling bill drop quite a bit once all old windows have been replaced with new, modern, energy efficient versions. Take the first step in transforming your home’s windows into the energy efficient features they were meant to be.

Replacing Windows for Functionality Purposes

If your windows are not functioning as they should, meaning opening and closing while not letting in bugs and critters from the outside, inside; you have an issue which needs to be resolved. Windows from Americraft are made to be opened and closed extremely easily. We understand everyone should have the ability to crack open a sleek, modern window with ease and we want you to be able to operate our windows regardless of strength. You’ll be pleased to discover ease of use for all strength levels, yet there are also child safety locks to ensure your little ones remain safe and sound.

Choosing Americraft for Your Window Replacement Near You!

Selecting Americraft for your window replacement is a great choice, especially if you’re searching for quality craftsmanship, expert installation, and a commitment to quality across the board. Feel free to request a quote from us using the button below and we’ll be sure to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible. We look forward to hearing from you soon!