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I started working for Americraft early this year (2023), and it has been nothing but a dream since I stepped foot into the office for my interview. Small team of people who welcome their new workers with open arms and intently treat you like family. My boss Joseph is the kindest most down to earth human I have met, let alone worked for. He really understands when Im going through personal problems and is there to support me any way he can. Mark the owner is also a great guy, gets down to business but can still just sit and talk with you human to human, not make it feel like its boss to worker. Our office ladies welcome you with warm smiles, and with care in their tone. Im really thankful to have started working here, everyone on the team are wonderful humans.

Devin Long

Absolutely amazing Company. From Sales to Installer. They did it all , fast , precise. Took out the old Windows and installed new ones without a mess . I love my new Windows. We will be loyal Customer for life.

Ursula Hand

excellent job of installing our windows.

Donald Tarvin

The patio cover they built for us it's very nice and put together in only two days. They also cleaned and removed alkyl excess materials. We're also waiting on new Windows. Can't wait.

Pat Ruffing

Great business with professional staff and service! We had all the windows in our house done and everything came out perfect! The price was well below many competitors with the same if not better quality. Thanks for the upgrade, it really made the house look so much better!

Kevin Schulze

Outstanding group of craftsfolk. We'd replaced 1/2 of our windows several years ago, and were ready to do the last 1/2. The gentleman who worked with us identified the earlier windows as the same manufacturer, and was appalled at the way the installation had been done. After the new windows were installed, the crew 'tuned up' the older set of windows and corrected the deficiencies from the original installation. What A DIFFERENCE! All of the windows look great, open and close easily, and we can already feel the difference throughout the house with the double panes throughout our home. The work and clean up were well and efficiently done, the folks doing the work cheerful and helpful. Great group!

Joanna Varner

Americraft installed vinyl siding on the entire house and did a great job, it really improved the appearance of the house. They also repaired rotten wood and fixtures they had to remove to cover the outside walls. I am really impressed with how much better the house looks. I also had Americraft install a carport on the side of the house. That really turned out well and protects the vehicles. Also, the repair personnel were very courteous and professional. They really went above and beyond to do a good job. I would recommend Americraft to do a good job for you. We were so impressed we ordered a porch enclosure to be installed; everyone is now awaiting items to come in to do the install. They also installed an enclosure on our back porch, like a sunroom, they also installed a doggy door, which our dogs use all the time. They did a great job on that too.


Replaced all the windows and doors in the house. Very good products made to order. Takes a while for the order to arrive from factory because they are manufactured for the measurements the installer sends the factory. The installer is key! In my case he found some repairs that needed to be done after the old windows were out before the new ones were installed. He got the repairs done and only delayed the installation of the new windows by one day. Windows are not cheap but I think the total charges were reasonable. No change in quoted price and the final bill !

Donald Spencer

Fantastic service and very high quality product!

Don Phillips

My experience with Americraft was excellent thru all phases. Great presentation by salesman & technical person. The price was very competitive & the owner/president of the company came to do the measurements & final sealing of several windows. Excellent installation crew- quick & all 13 window fit perfectly. A few windows were missing latch hardware & Americraft mailed them within days.

Ed Sebera

I am happy to provide a positive recommendation for Americraft Siding and Windows. Their crew installed new windows and siding for our screened porch and did an excellent job. They obtained the permit we needed, arrived on time, and performed the work as contracted, on time, and at an attractive price. We are very pleased with the results and would not hesitate to use Americraft again.

Bill Harrison

Replaced all my siding and a few birdboxes. It looks and performs great.

Christopher Vela

Siding to entire two story home. Installers were professional and completed the project on time. Great selection of colors and material. Since the installation, our electric bell has been reduced. The aesthetic of the house was significant and our neighbors two doors down were very impressed with the craftsmanship and hired them to do their siding as well. We used their interest free payment plan which made it very affordable for our budget.

Linda Hernandez