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Add Value and Beauty to Your Home

Here at Americraft Siding & Windows, we have produced excellent pergolas for homes both big and small. Our contractors have years of experience and can construct a beautiful, sturdy pergola where you and your family can enjoy your home’s outdoors. Whatever your vision is for your home, we can make it into a reality. From the size and shape to the materials and accessories, we can provide guidance on the design and construction to ensure that the finished pergola is everything you wanted and more. Learn all about how we can enhance your landscape with a custom pergola, and contact our team for a consultation.

Most Popular Styles and Materials of Pergolas

  • Freestanding
  • Attached
  • Arched
  • Awning
  • Louvered
  • Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Fiberglass

Skilled Pergola Builders Helping You Improve Your Home

If you’re planning on adding a pergola to your home, one of the first decisions that should be made is what type of pergola you want. A freestanding pergola typically sits away from the home, can create a beautiful focal point in the yard, and makes a great space to sit and enjoy the outdoors with some protection from the sun. An attached pergola is typically built over a deck or patio and is attached to the wall of the house. This adds a finishing touch to the space, making spending time there more enjoyable. With any type of pergola, there are countless ways it can be designed, including with an arched or louvered top, which is when the louvers are adjustable and can be opened or closed to let in more or less sunlight.

The contractors at Americraft Siding & Windows can help you choose which is best for your needs, and will provide a variety of design options to choose from so that you get exactly what you want for your home.

Create a Focal Point in the Yard

Upgrade a Pool Area

Frame a Walkway

Cover a Patio or Deck

Choosing the Material For Your Pergola

Though wood is popular material for pergolas, there are several others to choose from, including vinyl, aluminum, steel, and fiberglass.

Wood: If you want a more natural, rustic look, then wood is a great choice. Pressure treated and stained or painted pine is a common choice as it’s affordable and durable, but cedar and redwood are also great options; however, they are more expensive.

Vinyl: Affordable and essentially maintenance-free, vinyl offers a clean and elegant look no matter where the pergola is built or the design. To avoid the material from breaking down over the years, just be sure to choose a high-quality vinyl.

Aluminum: An aluminum pergola creates a more modern look that works well with contemporary homes and landscaping. Aluminum is also fairly affordable, it’s easy to maintain, and isn’t susceptible to rust.

Steel: Another material with a modern look, steel is heavier and sturdier than aluminum, but can be more expensive. As this material is exposed to rain and humidity, it can also rust, so a protective coating should be added to prevent this.

Fiberglass: One of the most easy to maintain and long-lasting materials, fiberglass may not seem like a conventional pergola material, but it offers a lot of benefits. Fiberglass can also be painted to match your home’s exterior and landscaping. It is, however, one of the more expensive materials.

Beautiful Pergola Designs and Construction

A pergola makes for a beautiful addition to any home and landscape. Once built, a pergola can be accessorized with hanging plants, a shade canopy, privacy curtains, and lighting fixtures to create the perfect space for relaxation.

With the skill and expertise of the contractors at Americraft Siding & Windows, you can trust that the finished pergola will be a lasting focal point for your home.

Based out of Austin, Americraft provides skilled home improvement services throughout southern Texas. Feel free to browse through the work we’ve completed, and also don’t hesitate to request a quote from us using the button below. We look forward to hearing from you soon and can’t wait for you to experience one of our amazing pergolas!

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