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The worldwide exterior doors market will reach$107,954 billionby 2028. The market exhibits a 6% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR).

An exterior door is what visitors will notice first about your house. The various types of exterior doors set the tone of your house and add to the value of its curb appeal.

Ensure you maintain your exterior doors in good working condition for efficient daily use. Also, install exterior doors that are aesthetically pleasing and have excellent energy efficiency.

But, how will you know the best exterior door for your home? Keep reading to know how to choose an exterior door.

Wood Entry Doors

Many homeowners love wood entry doors due to their unbeatable appearance. Wood entry doors are solid and will provide you with excellent security.

But, you will need a considerable budget when shopping for a wood entry door. The doors are often the most expensive type of exterior door.

Note that the expenses will not end after the initial purchase. You have to hire professionals to do routine maintenance on the doors to keep them looking fantastic.

Painting and staining the wood doors after a few years keeps them looking good. If you live in an area with high humidity and severe weather, the wood entry doors are prone to warping, rotting, and expanding.

Fiberglass Entry Doors

Fiberglass entry doors are now widespread because they are highly durable and energy-efficient. The doors are not prone to warping, rotting, or expanding.

The doors come in different finishes. You can have all wood aesthetics without ever worrying about maintenance.

The fiberglass entry doors may have foam core insulation depending on your location’s weather. That prevents heated or cooled air from leaving your home.

Also, the door is very resilient to scratches and dents caused by the traffic or weather the door receives. A fiberglass exterior door installation will keep your family warm during the cold season.

Patio Doors

When considering a new exterior door, patio doors can be a lovely addition to your house. That’s because they will provide easy access to the deck, patio, and beautiful views.

We classify patio doors into two categories: sliding patio doors and French patio doors.

Sliding Patio Doors

A sliding patio is the most common patio door in the market. The sliding patio door design works like a large sliding window: it can move along tracks with rollers to allow easy opening and closing.

Sliding patio doors will also provide maximum air and light circulation around your house. The doors come in various materials like wood, vinyl, and aluminum.

Note that the doors are only a rectangle of glass. So, it’s vital to enhance your security by installing security bars at the bottom or adding glass reinforcement.

The best exterior door material option for your sliding patio door should be vinyl since it is very durable and energy-efficient. You will always be comfortable in your home no matter the weather conditions.

French Patio Doors

French patio doors will provide your home with a more elegant appearance. The doors can either open inwards or outwards and to the right or the left – it will depend on your preference.

You can also have one door opening and closing while the other remains stationary. French patio doors are ideal for more security and privacy if you don’t want sliding patio doors.

Steel Entry Doors

If you’re planning to replaceyour exterior doorsto enhance security, go for steel entry doors. The doors will provide strength, maximum security, and energy efficiency.

A steel entry door will give you the same advantages as fiberglass doors, but they perform better. A thick gauge steel entrance door will offer you the highest level of protection and security.

Steel entry doors stand firm for years, protecting you against extreme weather and intruders. The doors are also energy efficient and have foam core insulation that makes your home comfy all year.

You can get a steel entry door in a wide variety of colors and also wood grain finishes.

Storm Doors

People often ignore storm doors as a choice for exterior doors. Most homeowners think storm doors are weak and serve no purpose.

But, the doors will be fantastic additions to your home. Storm doors provide an extra layer of security to your current exterior door.

Over the year, the home improvement industry has kept advancing. Now, storm doors are more than just narrow pieces of metal that are hard to open.

The doors can come in multiple materials.

Steel Storm Doors

The doors are very durable and don’t crack, rot, or warp. But, they are costly and heavy.

Aluminum Storm Doors

These doors are an excellent alternative to steel. The doors are light and are also durable.

Composite Storm Doors

These doors have excellent energy efficiency. Though they offer protection from the elements, they are not ideal for extreme cold or hot climates.

Your location and the required level of performance will determine the material of your storm door.

The doors are also in various styles and a variety of screen options. Various designs will offer a half view while others offer a complete view.

You can decide to install a full view screen, glass, or use both interchangeably. You can also personalize your door with a few hardware alternatives such as handles, pet doors, or mail slots.

Choose the Best Types of Exterior Doors

The various types of exterior doors are a broad category of products. Entry, patio, and storm doors all have several forms and variations within their respective categories.

You need expert advice to help figure out the type of door that fits your home.

At Americraft Siding and Windows, we will help you choose from the various types of doors. We also offer high-quality installation services to ensure you make a quality home improvement.

Contact usnow to have the best exterior door installation service.