Radiant Barrier

We at Americraft are your specialists in home insulation by installing radiant barriers.

Americraft has decades of experience installing radiant barriers for home insulation.  Having a professional install your radiant barriers is very important to get the very best in energy savings.  These barriers help to reflect heat and sunlight while having a very low emission, meaning they don’t radiate or emit heat.

A popular type of radiant barrier product, roof sheathing are most cost effective when installed in the attic.  The cost of installation is low and there is no need for additional labor.  The barrier essentially consists of a blocking layer of aluminum foil, while similar to traditional attic insulation there is an additional heat-absorption surface.

This technology started in spacecraft for protecting the interiors from the extreme temperatures of space.  It’s now used as an effective insulator in both commercial and residential buildings, and Americraft is the leader in providing this service in the Oklahoma City and surrounding areas.

Our radiant barrier is different from mass insulation that simply resists or slows down heat transfer.  Standard insulation isn’t effective in preventing radiant loss of heat from inside your home.  Therefore, radiant barrier is essential to keeping warmth inside during colder months.  During winter, radiant barrier acts like a space blanket even though the thickness of a space blanket is what helps trap the heat.

Maintenance of radiant barriers after insulation is minimal.  Over a period of 10 years or so they can accumulate some dust and wiping them down helps.  So, the long-term costs to maintain the insulation is extremely low.  Radiant Barrier also can work to enhance the level of insulation when placed over existing insulation.  You don’t even need to remove the old insulation.  For more information on installation of insulation, the pros at Americraft are happy to help.


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