Americraft is here to help you find the right insulation for your Oklahoma City, Oklahoma home.

We choose the right insulation material that for your home.

There are many reasons for having home insulation and having a comfortable interior is only one.  Americraft can meet your demands for home insulation in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and we fully understand that there are many areas of your home that require protection to prevent costly increases or dips in temperatures.  Take advantage of our experience and let us help you pick the right insulation for your weather situation at the right price for your budget.

Did you know, according to a recent study, almost two thirds of homes are not properly insulated?  This means two thirds of homeowners are paying too much in heating and cooling costs.  Having an under insulated home means that you spend more to maintain a comfortable temperature.  This is like having a hole in your pocket where money is constantly escaping.

Your attic is the area where most of unnecessary heating or cooling losses occur.  Our professional installers focus on this area first when considering where insulation is needed.  Attic insulation should be 12 inches thick or more for the best results.

The second most important area where money is lost is through doors and windows.  Americraft can fix this by applying weather stripping.  The leaks are usually caused by gaps left behind in the finishing work.  Expansion foam is another answer to filling in some of the smaller gaps left behind by things like plumbing holes and switchboards that can also contribute to unnecessary energy losses.

Call Americraft today and we will make sure that your homes energy efficiency and cost saving potential is maximized.  Our skilled professionals are ready to help you install new insulation or rework ineffective older insulation.


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