Americraft is an Oklahoma City, Oklahoma based builder of customized decks for different types of homes and settings.

Americraft is an Oklahoma City, Oklahoma based builder of custom decks for a wide variety of homes and outdoor settings.  We use high quality materials, the best workmanship and have built hundreds of decks.  We can build different types of decks and customize them to fit your requirements and budget.  We build steel frame, composite floor or traditional wood decks.  Your vision determines the levels, shapes and curves.

Your new deck for your pool, mobile home, backyard or commercial setting can be customized to fit any area.  We use the highest quality materials and workmanship so you can be assured of great results.  Our custom decks last for several years and require very little in terms of maintenance.

Americraft receives a large portion of new business through referrals we get from clients.  Our testimonials, high quality materials and expert workmanship all contribute to your peace of mind that your project will exceed expectations.  Our posts are set in concrete so you won’t be looking at unsightly pier blocks.  This also contributes to a more stable foundation and much better looks.

Americraft has decades of experience in the business of building decks.  We build brand new decks but also specialize in remodeling or adding to an existing one.  By using only screws for every top board, we prevent nail popping, twisting and warping. We don’t stop there, our hardware is all stainless steel and galvanized for better wear and protection.  You will be amazed at the number of customizations that we can do to make your vision a reality.

We can also build screened or covered porches, masonry products and deck-type floors.  We are a local Oklahoma City based company that you can be assured will provide the highest quality materials and skilled workmanship.  You can easily reach one of our professionals for a no hassle price quote or project evaluation.  Call us today or request a quote on our website.


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