Thermal Improved Aluminum Windows

Replacement Window Companies are quick to insult Aluminum Frames.

For good reason, but let's talk about the exception to the Rule.

Thermally Broken Aluminum Frames take advantage of Aluminum's strength and durability while minimizing what we don't want---transmitting of heat.

Aluminum is 40x as strong as wood, and 4x as strong as Vinyl.

Aluminum Frames can therefore be thinner and less bulky than Vinyl and even allow for replacing a choice few windows without looking strikingly different than the old Builder Grade Windows.



Windows that are Airtight

With essentially the same technology that is used on yachts to keep ocean water out, these windows keep outside air out, and inside air in.


Lifetime Warranties

Aluminum is durable and strong. Powder coated baked on paint finish and well made hardware mean this is a strong investment.


Available in Single or Double Hung Options

With 7/8" Insulated Glass and marine glazing the window stops Radiant Heat and Glass conductance.  Metal Spiral balances keep the window operating smoothly and the tilt in windows have a child safety feature as well.

Noise reduction and security round out the benefits.


Beat Cedar Fever and Allergens

a window that seals this tight is not only attractive, but adds to comfort by keeping allergens outside your home.  Less pollen and dust mean a happier you.

About the frame.