TDI Windstorm Products

If you are Coastal, TDI Rules Apply

First, See if it Applies to You...

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  •  The Commissioner of the TDI has designated the following Counties:
  • Aransas, Brazoria, Calhoun, Cameron, Chambers, Galveston, Jefferson, Kenedy, Kleberg, Matagorda, Nueces, Refugio, San Patricio, Willacy, and Harris County citis of Morgans Point, La Porte, Shoreacres, Seabrook, Pasadena east of State Hwy 146 and within the city limits.
  • Seaward: Areas seaward of the Intracoastal Waterway.  (resist a 3-second gust of 130 mph)
  • Inland I:  Areas inland of the Intracoastal Waterway and east of the specified boundary line, and certain areas within Harris County.  (resist a 3-second gust of 120 mph)
  • Inland II:  Inland areas that are west of the specified boundary line. (resist a 3-second gust of 110 mph)

It Rules Apply- What Next?

Ok, so if your address is in a TDI Zone, Americraft will make sure the right product is selected and arrange Inspections and Approvals.  You also might want to look up Previous Improvements at this Address...
  • What catches homeowners unaware at times is that if a homeowner replaces a WINDOW, an outside DOOR, or even SIDING, they must get an engineer who is on the Texas Windstorm Insurance Department list of approved engineers to certify that the replaced item is in compliance with current windstorm insurance requirements
  • What often happens is that the lack of windstorm certification is discovered when the homeowner is in the process of selling the home.
  • A home without the proper certifications can be penalized with higher insurance premiums than a similar home with certification.  This can derail a real estate sale before it gets to the closing table.
  • With years of installations throughout Houston, Corpus, and the Gulf Coast, our experienced staff will be handling your projects through every step of the way.
  • Let us ease your mind and provide you with a stress free experience as we ensure that every detail of your hurricane window installation is completed efficiently and thoroughly.
  • What is a WPI-8 and why do I need oneA WPI-8 is a building code certificate of compliance that is issued by the Texas Department of Insurance. It certifies that a structure has been erected, altered and/or repaired in accordance with building construction requirements for windstorm coverage in the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA), as outlined in Section 6A, Article 21.49 of the Texas Insurance Code. When a policyholder receives the WPI-8 certificate, they should send it to their agent or to TWIA to verify that their home or business has been built or repaired properly and is therefore “insurable” with TWIA.

TDI Windows-- some insight

TDI Windows are built to standards that really should apply in many more cases (short of the Keepsafe Glass perhaps).

Over the years, Amrecraft has installed and serviced a number of different brands in homes across Texas and something stands out when I look at the list of TDI Approved Window Products, you can tell a lot about what brands (manufacturers) are NOT on the list.  They are the same ones we passed over for being flimsy, poorly designed, inferior materials, or inadequate warranties.  In other words these windows are well made.

TDI products are meant to handle high wind pressure (impacts from flying debris, in some cases) similar to what one would experience on ship.  What window types are associated with boats? Porthole windows-- Small, non-opening, no frame joints because of one strong continuous circle.

  • From this we can correctly guess that the Windstorm Compliant Windows have Structural Challenges and Restrictions based on :
  • Large Surface Area of glass.  Both width and height will have limits smaller than less stressful environments
  • The frame joints have to be strong--fusion welded fro example.
  • Common types-Single Hung, Fixed Picture, Casement, Projected, Awning, etc.
  • Large Window Openings can be done with certain tested and approved combinations that the Manufacturer has paid for testing.  These combinations can be confusing, but are similar to common mulled window combinations with restrictions on size.  Two or Three single Hung together, Casements in combination with Picture, Picture above Awning, etc.

Americraft TDI Windows most often are Simonton StormBreaker, and Don Young Vinyl and Aluminum Frames, but have other options.

All TDI Windows, Don Young Vinyl  MulledCombinations, Don Young Aluminum Casement, Don Young Vinyl Picture (non-impact), Don Young Aluminum Picture non-Impact, Don Young Aluminum Mulled Combinations, Don Young Aluminum Single Hung, Don Young Vinyl SlideSimonton StormBreaker PictureDon Young Vinyl Double Hung non-impact, Don Young Vinyl Single Hung, Simonton StormBreaker Awning Window, Simonton StormBreaker Casement, Simonton Platinum Picture,  Simonton Pro-Finish Picture, Simonton Bronze Picture, Simonton StormBreaker Double Hung, Simonton Mulled Vinyl Combination, Simonton Mulled Picture,  Simonton Platinum Fixed Casement, Simonton StormBreaker Slider, Simonton Pro-Finish Slider, Simonton Platinum Slider, Simonton Silver Slider, Simonton Pro-Finish Single Hung

Brief Product Requirements

Replacement Windows

Storm Rated TDI Windows  have reinforced frames and glass unit retention systems.  They may also have Laminated Reinforced Glass able to withstand flying debris. Consult with your Americraft Designer about options.

Replacement Doors

Storm rated doors are reinforced to withstand high wind pressure.  A Sliding Glass Door may also have Reinforced Laminate Glass to withstand flying debris.

Patio Covers and Additions

Patio Covers and Room Additions are built with integral strength and low wind profiles to withstand Gale Force winds.

Your Americraft Consultant with offer options.

Residential Siding

Wind resistant siding lowers your home's vulnerability to wind damage. Structure Mastic Siding is an option your Americraft Designer with offer.

Call for Details and set and appointment.

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