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What To Look For...

The Basics: Insurance etc.
  • For a small handyman project like changing a lock, insurance may not be much of a concern.
  • Legally, anyone injured on your property, unless insured, can sue you.  You are Liable if an uninsured worker emptying gutters or on the roof falls and injures themselves and can be sued. Sounds ridiculous? It happens everyday.
  • Your Contractor needs two types of insurance: General Liability which covers property damage; and, Workers Comp Insurance covering any injuries.
  • Americraft makes sure you have NO RISK and carries all essential licensing and insurance and beyond.

Our Insurance

Length of Time in Business
  • A good competitive company stays in business. A newcomer isn't  always  problems, but a Proven Track Record is better.
  • A Warranty is just a piece of paper if the company is gone or unreachable.
  • Unfortunately, there are Bad Agents that have a trail of dead companies behind them.that they shut down because of a problem, or, dishonesty.
  • Americraft is proud of our Reputation with thousands of successful projects under our belt.
  • We put our last 2-year of Raving Fans on an interactive map. Check it out.
  • Manufacturer Warranties for Quality products can be a lifetime and we bring to you and are Transferable to the next Homeowner. (few exceptions)
  • We prefer Manufacturer Warranties  that are "Labor and Materials" which means you are Risk Free--if the product is defective, the labor is covered as well.  Americraft does the research for you to find the  best value.
  • Even the best product can be poorly installed and void a Warranty.  Our Master Installers get it right. In general, Workmanship Warranties cover faulty installs are from 1 to 3, or 5 years in the industry and rarely more. Americraft does a 5-yr Workmanship Warranty.
  • We have hands down the best installers in the marketplace and take great care of them. We know you want the best and prove it.
  • Reviews matter. Great reviews show that you are Safe and every company loves them.
  • More important is how the company responds to an unhappy review. If they hide and don't handle the issue, that is the real problem.  Our systems are built well, yet we've gotten better every year.
  • Americraft  says, "Join Our Raving Fans", your're in good hands.
Value for Dollar
  • We talk to a LOT of people and know other's prices and practices.
  • Maybe somebody has cheaper product, or pays their installers less, or skimps in some way and might beat Americraft in price, but we stand by our Value.
  • What speaks about Americraft? No one has more repeat business.
  • Because we value your investment , we  make decisions every day to provide the best value in carefully picked products,  save through relationships with manufacturers, invest in training and employees-- and listening to you.
  • We look forward to more Raving Fans.
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